Thursday, 24 March 2016

6. New Zealand Votes To Retain National Flag.

  There will be no new stamps depicting a new national flag of New Zealand because the people of New Zealand have voted to retain their present flag by a substantial majority in the national referendum which had cost the country NZ$26 million or £16million to stage. 57% of the people voted to retain the national flag while 43% opted for a new version (see Blog 5). 
  Many New Zealanders complained about the expense involved in holding the long-winded referendum but the prime minister, John Key, who had urged New Zealanders to vote for the new design, drew some comfort from the vote because it had "stimulated discussion". Presumably if he had resigned that would also have "stimulated discussion" but would not have cost New Zealanders a single cent!
  Those interested in flags on stamps now have to wait to see what will happen in Fiji where the government is also planning to introduce a new national flag to replace that flown at present which, like the New Zealand flag, includes a Union Jack in its design. There have been delays in reaching decisions on this in Fiji. See Blog 2.